CoreOS Stack + Kubernetes

The Best Platform for Linux Containers

Tectonic Platform

Tectonic combines Kubernetes and the CoreOS software portfolio in an integrated package. This includes a management console for workflows and dashboards, an integrated registry to build and share Linux containers, and additional tools to automate deployment and customize rolling updates. Tectonic runs on-premises or in public clouds.

With a flood of choices to make in developer infrastructure and more arriving by the day, the demand for opinionated infrastructure that makes sensible choices is growing - particularly in the container space.This is the challenge that Tectonic was built for, to provide an integrated container-based solution.
Stephen O'Grady
Principal Analyst with RedMonk
We introduced Kubernetes to bring cluster first management to the multi-cloud world. With this announcement, CoreOS is helping us realize that vision: a fully supported, enterprise grade version of Kubernetes that runs everywhere
Craig McLuckie
Product Lead for Kubernetes

The Tectonic Console puts a UI on top of your containers

Tectonic Replication Controller List
Replication controllers easily scale your services.
Tectonic Editing a Replication Controller
Set your desired pod state and desired replica count.