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Tectonic enables teams to focus on core competencies

For Developers...

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Deploy code on a container-native stack
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Flexible architectures for each app
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Automatic load balancing for services
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API and dashboard
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Easy canary deploys and rollbacks

For Operations...

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Higher machine utilization
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Secret storage and distribution built in
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Consistent environment across teams
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Clean boundary between OS & apps

What's in Tectonic

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  • Out-of-the-box Kubernetes cluster, ready for your containers
  • A powerful, user-friendly dashboard
  • Regularly scheduled updates for cluster software

Commercial Support

  • 24x7, 365 ticket and phone support from CoreOS engineers
  • Guidance for Kubernetes, open source software and system architecture

Tectonic Console

A powerful, user-friendly console provides a full view of your running apps. Easily deploy new versions of your app.
Advanced techniques are a click away: rolling upgrades, canary instances, and blue/green deployments.

Invented the micro-OS with CoreOS Linux

Develops and maintains key Kubernetes components: etcd and flannel

More about the technology

Leverages Google’s decade of experience with containers

Application-focused model which is ideal for microservice architectures

More about the technology

Under the Hood of Tectonic

With a flood of choices to make in developer infrastructure and more arriving by the day, the demand for opinionated infrastructure that makes sensible choices is growing - particularly in the container space.This is the challenge that Tectonic was built for, to provide an integrated container-based solution.
Stephen O'Grady
Principal Analyst with RedMonk
We introduced Kubernetes to bring cluster first management to the multi-cloud world. With this announcement, CoreOS is helping us realize that vision: a fully supported, enterprise grade version of Kubernetes that runs everywhere
Craig McLuckie
Product Lead for Kubernetes
Containers are evolving extremely quickly to become more than just a standalone developer tool,” said Gary Chen, Research Manager, Cloud and Virtualization System Software at IDC. “Customers are increasingly looking to deploy complete container solutions that address developers and operations. With Tectonic, CoreOS is on the right track by pulling together a suite of key open source components, including the milestone Kubernetes 1.0 release, into a complete and supported stack for the enterprise.
Gary Chen
Analyst at IDC