Self-driving infrastructure for your containers
Tectonic ensures your cluster is always up to date with the most recent patches/fixes
Tectonic simplifies install and ongoing management of your Kubernetes cluster
Tectonic delivers the most current upstream version of Kubernetes

Product Overview

Tectonic delivers "self-driving" Kubernetes to the enterprise. It is secure, simple and delivers the most current upstream version of Kubernetes so organizations can easily scale applications, deploy consistently and easily port/manage apps across environments.

Along with the most current release of Kubernetes, Tectonic also includes installers to help get you up and running quickly, a console to visually investigate your cluster and security features to allow you to integrate with your existing security frameworks.

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Priced annually per node.
Free for use up to 10 nodes.
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Support Levels
Business Day or 24/7 Support
Bare Metal, AWS
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Tectonic makes cluster administration simple

CoreOS ships remote software updates to all Tectonic components, just as we do with CoreOS Container Linux. This ensures that your software is always up-to-date and secure.

Tectonic ships Operators in order to better manage its open source components, like Kubernetes, etcd, and Prometheus. Operators will be able to perform in-place updates, as well as backup, restore, and scale up and down instances of software as needed.

Get Tectonic for Kubernetes
Free for use up to 10 nodes

Tectonic Console

A powerful, user-friendly console provides a full view of your running apps. Easily deploy new versions of your app.
Advanced techniques are a click away: rolling upgrades, canary instances, and blue/green deployments.

Tectonic is trusted by world class organizations.

CoreOS named Gartner 2015 CoolVendor
 in Servers and Virtualization
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