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Try out Kubernetes 1.0 with the Tectonic Preview

Today Kubernetes hits 1.0. This is an exciting first step towards Google-style infrastructure for everyone else (GIFEE). The project has come a long way in just over a year, with many API improvements and more recently a focus on stability and scalability.

Alongside Kubernetes 1.0, we are launching Tectonic Preview to provide you with a simple way to get started using Kubernetes, CoreOS, Docker and rkt.

Tectonic, now in Preview

Tectonic is the best way to try out Kubernetes 1.0. Previously in private beta, Tectonic Preview is now available as an early version for development and operations teams to manage containers on a shared infrastructure layer. With the Tectonic Preview, you will receive an out-of-the-box Kubernetes cluster ready for your containers, a powerful and user-friendly dashboard and regularly scheduled updates for cluster software. Today, the Tectonic Preview is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or on your own hardware. We invite you to sign up today.

Tectonic Console

The Tectonic Console is a unified dashboard to manage your applications and is the best way for development and operations teams to manage containers on a shared infrastructure layer. Tectonic provides full support for Kubernetes namespaces, which means each team can organize infrastructure logically and have the flexibility to deploy containers in any architecture they desire.

Tectonic Preview

About the Preview

The Preview will provide access to the full Tectonic technology stack: the Tectonic Console, highly available Kubernetes cluster and API, all running on top of CoreOS Linux. Support for the entire stack is backed by the CoreOS team who are experts in container technologies: CoreOS Linux, Kubernetes, etcd, Docker and rkt.

Updates to Tectonic software will be delivered during the Preview, similar to the private beta, roughly every two weeks. During the Preview, we welcome your feedback as we learn how Tectonic adapts to your operational experience and the workloads running on top of it.

"Tectonic brings all the pieces together, including CoreOS, Kubernetes, Docker, in a solid and convenient way that helps us at Jive focus on the innovative features core to our business," said Timur Kiykioglu senior director of engineering at Jive Software.

24x7 Enterprise-Ready Support

When you sign up for Tectonic Preview, you will get CoreOS experts to help you get started with distributed systems technologies. If you have questions on Kubernetes, CoreOS, Docker, rkt or architecture systems, a team of container experts will be there to help you along the way. At the end of the day, we want you to be successful using containers and realize the added benefits of using containers.


Tectonic Preview is available to you for $1,500 a month for the duration of the preview period. Sign up today to see the power of Kubernetes on AWS or on your own hardware.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

In conjunction with the Kubernetes 1.0 launch, CoreOS has joined as a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This is another important step in the success of Kubernetes. Together, alongside industry leaders, we will ensure that GIFEE technologies are developed and delivered to companies in an easy to consume way to advance the container technology industry.

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