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Intel Brings Tectonic to Supermicro Systems

Less than one month ago from today we launched Tectonic. So it was with great excitement that yesterday during Nick Weaver’s, director of SDI-X at Intel, keynote at CoreOS Fest, Intel announced that they are going to help Tectonic reach customers as quickly as possible, by enabling the development of easy to order and consume appliances.

As Tectonic reaches GA, Intel is working to provide a pre-built Tectonic rack. Intel’s two ecosystem partners Supermicro and Redapt will bring rapid time to market for Tectonic.

At the keynote, Intel gave us a glimpse of the future. This is the beginning of a deep partnership to enable businesses to take advantage of containers, distributed systems, and the next generation of infrastructure.

Nick Weaver at CoreOS Fest

Intel's Nick Weaver on stage at CoreOS Fest

Together with Intel, Supermicro and Redapt, we are working towards a way for companies to fully utilize and benefit from container-based infrastructure.

Nick also shared how his SDI-X team has been working on scalability and performance improvements using Intel's existing hardware features. He showed his teams initial results in bringing a 2X improvement to etcd in both response time and throughput using Intel silicon features to guarantee data stability. This was all accomplished by using an existing feature available on most servers in the world today called ADR (asyncrhonous DRAM self-refresh).

At CoreOS Fest, Intel showcased the Supermicro hardware and demonstrated the combination of running Tectonic on Supermicro.

Tectonic running on Intel and Supermicro hardware
Tectonic running on Intel and Supermicro hardware
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