Tectonic's toolkit will transform the way you deliver apps

Built with Open-Source Software

Software from the bright minds at Google, CoreOS, Intel, RedHat and more.

Supported by Infrastructure Experts

Guidence on architecture, and 24x7 support from CoreOS engineers.

Partnered with Hardware Vendors

Flexible Platform for your Apps

With containers and Tectonic, your cluster is more efficient than using VMs. The Tectonic Console provides a global view of the cluster.

Each team can manage their own stack and deploy independently to shared infrastructure.

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Container-native Orchestration

Control, scale and deploy your applications on a container-native software stack.

Based on open-source software, with the expertise of CoreOS and Google built in.

Containerized Deployment

Consistent, repeatable software deployment across all of the machines in your cluster. Package your software manually or integrate containers directly into your CI workflow.

(coming soon!)

Modern Linux Operating System

An operating system designed for containers and optimized for management at scale. CoreOS redefines the operating system into a smaller, more minimal Linux distribution.

Runs in the cloud, on your bare metal, or virtualized on a developer's laptop.