Tectonic Training

Public and Private Hands-on Classes

Learn how to set up and operate a Kubernetes and CoreOS cluster, hands-on, from the team that created the building blocks for modern distributed systems. We'll cover fundamental Kubernetes concepts and architecture, then setup, configure, and manage your own instance. You'll learn how to deploy the control and worker nodes, Kubernetes DNS, and the CLI, as well as manage applications with Kubernetes (including creating and managing pods, replication controllers, and services).

Additionally, you'll learn about CoreOS and how it differs from other Linux distributions. Discover how CoreOS provides today's distributed computing essentials such as containers with rkt and Docker, service discovery with etcd, and secure atomic updates.

Public Classes

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Private Classes

CoreOS offers private classes on CoreOS Linux, containers, Kubernetes and Tectonic.

Classes can be purchased in single-day modules, or combined together for a longer course of up to a week. Each module is $10,000 per day.

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