Tectonic with Distributed Trusted Computing

Cryptographic chain of trust from hardware to the distributed cluster

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Distributed Trusted Computing allows enterprises to cryptographically verify the integrity of their entire environment, from hardware to the distributed cluster.

Validate and trust individual node and cluster integrity, even in potentially compromised or even hostile data center conditions


Verify system state before distributing app containers, data, or secrets


Prevent attacks that involve modifying firmware, bootloader, the OS itself, or the deployment pipeline


Cryptographically verify, with an audit log, what containers have executed on the system

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Trusted Computing is critical for infrastructure security. We partnered with CoreOS to bring this capability into our environment as we continue to grow our global network.
Matthew Prince
Founder & CEO of CloudFlare
A secure configuration of Tectonic Enterprise, from the hardware to the distributed cluster.
Tectonic Trusted Computing
Cryptographic verification at each layer of Tectonic with Distributed Trusted Computing platform.